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Terms and Conditions

Sales Pricing
- A1 Tours LLC reserves the right to offer promotional pricing (i.e. sales, pricing discounts, etc.) at any time without obligation to grant price differentials on any prior reservation.

Refunds - A full refund may be granted should A1 Tours LLC cancel the entire tour for reasons other than weather, breakdowns, accidents or other anomalies beyond our control. Guests are not eligible for refunds for missing the tour bus.

Guest Cancellation - Cancellations (in writing) at least 48 hours in advance may receive a 50% refund.  Date changes to existing reservations may be applied 100% plus a $ 10.00 change order fee per guest if made 48 hours in advance.  Does not apply to group reservations.  Group cancellation policy outlined per separate agreement. 

Tour Interruptions - A1 Tours LLC assumes no responsibility for delays due to weather, traffic, breakdowns, accidents and/or other anomalies beyond our control.

Additionally, we reserve all right to cancel any tour at any time due to low participation and return all monies received 100%. 

All sales are final.