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Highly recommended for any groups of friends looking to explore what else AC has to offer! Donald was a wonderful driver and the tour of the Renault Winery was extremely memorable for me and my girlfriends!
- Yelp Review

Khalil Graves, Brighton Park is not hard to find at all, its across from the Korean War memorial which is 50 yards from the boardwalk. Me and my gf went on this tour and they were waiting right in front right on time and were very friendly. Although I can agree with you at first we were looking for a bus, and it was a little different that we got picked up in a caravan, but the caravan was brand new with the AC blasting because it was about 100 degrees outside, so it wasnt bad at all. The service we got from our driver Fogg was above and beyond what we expected. The entire way to the Renault wine tour we got a great history lesson of Atlantic City, I was asking lots of questions becuase I like to know about the places I visit and where I am going, and Fogg was more then eager to offer a verbal history lesson of every question I had. When we got the Renault winery he seemed to know all the workers there and everyone was super friendly. After the tour was over, which was awesome by the way. We stopped off at a few different historic spots I was asking about including Fork and Knife. It wasnt a conventional wine and dine tour with a bus full of drunken kids just looking to get some cheap glasses of wine, which I was not looking forward to, with no real interest in where they were going or the history and significance. I felt like the tour was great, it was more of a private tour I guess you could say, perfect for couples, and we had an awesome day.
- Michael